Ayda – Armenia & the pomegranate tree
written in german →

"Where do I belong? What is my home? Is it Germany, the place I grew up, where my closest family members live, where I went to school? Or is it Armenia: Yerevan? The city I was born in – the country that is attracting me steadily."

Driven by these questions I took myself on a journey to my roots, accompanied with guilt feelings and political revolutions. I was on a search of myself and the people who shaped my story. As a result of this a photographic essay arised. I designed a book that invites the reader to join me in photographic and textual form with exposes of my memories and emotions.

If you want to experience my journey through Armenia and find out which symbolism is shaped by the pomegranate tree, you can purchase a copy of the hardcover book with the form below.

The door is open.
Rays of sunshine are falling in
through the window with white grids.
Three recently covered beds are inside.
Faded bedding.
A dark wardrobe.
Wooden floor.
A dusty smell fills the room.

We are sitting at the bottom of the bed
near the door. Speaking sparsely.
You are wearing your purple headscarf.
Carefully and gently
I am stroking over your back.

I see your slightly smile
before my very eyes.

I am looking at my fingertips.
How much have I loved it
to touch this one spot at which
your shoulder bone sticked out a little.

So fragile.

Your bed is still standing untouched
in his place. Even today.
But you are gone.